My use of the 11th dimension as an inter-universal space that is a fraction of a millimeter from everything within the universe is consistent with my understanding of membrane theory. Now the Ane crossing that barrier, that is science fiction. Alternate universes existing within that space and being created there, for that matter our universe existing within that space. That is science. It's not weirder than you imagined. It's weirder than you can imagine. I suggest "Fabric of the Cosmos: Space, Time, and the Texture of Reality." by Brian Greene.

Within Epiphany Trek the fact of Alternate universes is well established. The mutability of the universe and the nature of alternate universes are one of the things that make high energy physics a dangerous discipline. Dwelling too long on the total mutability of the seemingly immutable universe has been known to drive people insane. The study of Hyper-dimensional physics requires the applicant pass a battery of tests for mental stability. That way lies madness. Madness not from the actual knowledge. This is not the "Knowledge man was not meant to know" classic trope, but dwelling on it can push a less than stable person over the edge of madness.

A few species, notably Ane can handle this concept without qualms. Psychologists credit the psionic ability to teleport with this stability in the face of the "impossible". The manner in which the Ane teleport functions means that Ane are wired to understand and navigate the Hyper-dimensional space. Most cannot explain it to you however. It is rather the centipede's dilemma. They just do it, they can't explain how. It is also responsible for the "off kilter" nature of the Ane, why their attitude seems a little bent to the average person. You think they are perhaps not all there. Well, they are not all here, part of them is in the 11th dimension.

The mechanism of the teleport is to shift one's physical being out of 4D space and back. The physical cannot long dwell in the 11th dimension. The skill comes in reinserting yourself in a controlled manner at a different physical location. Possible without using half the energy in the galaxy because every point in the universe is physically a similar distance apart in the 11th dimension. The limitation is in how much mass you can shift, not in how far you can jump.

This is also responsible for the other limitation on Ane teleportation. It cannot be done from a subspace bubble. An attempt to make the shift results in the total disruption of physical matter within the warp bubble. It has been described by the Ane unfortunate enough to have been there like the universe shatters then shatters again until the smallest particles can shatter no more. What you see is an expanding cloud of sub-atomic particles moving at near light speed where the ship used to be. -- Garry Stahl

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