In the Ancient Klingon past in the wake of the Hurq invasion the Patriarch of House Javos, Keeper of Honor for the History of the Clans saw a coming storm of controversy about the early years of the Empire. He caused to have made 33 scrolls of gold foil each etched with the History of each of the 32 First Houses of the Council and the last the story of Kahless himself. The real history, not the legend. These he secreted below the family manse. The key to the cash he had fixed by his wife, one of the "Mind Witches" of Klingon legend into the Sword Kahless used to kill the Tyrant.

House Javos suffered a plague of girls shortly thereafter and was subsumed into House Kartis by marriage. The blade, its history forgotten, was returned to the Imperial Treasury of artifacts.

Many years later Kahless the Second seeing to Honor Admiral Jay Hailey of the Federation choose that treasure to present to him. At last the bat'leth with a psionic imprint was placed into the hands of a telepath. The blade gave Hailey visions and a clue as to were to seek the truth.

He followed this truth to QonoS and discovered the elaborate tomb of Javos. And within that tomb the bat'leth of Kahless broken in the ancient final battle and in a separate compartment, the gold scrolls.

K'rrak of House Katris urged Halley to take possession of the scrolls back to Oz. A place where the prickly honor of houses whose "glorious history" might not be as they choose to remember it could not try and destroy them. Replicator copies are available in several locations including House Kartis.

As predicted once the word of the scrolls contents began to get out several Klingon House Lords tried to challenge Hailey for saying such things. Kahless himself simply said:"In truth is Honor." He did the unthinkable and elevated Hailey to the Head of a Klingon House recreating the Keeper of Honor Javos. No that didn't go down well with everyone either. At least one Real Klingon house smashed itself against Renaissance Station trying to change things with blaster fire.

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