ADF Diversus Infucatus Equus CD-102 (Horse of a Different Color)


A blue dolphin fitted to be Gensilan's mobile platform and diplomatic vessel. The ship has a golden sheen that changes color as the light hits it.

The Equus is also noted as having more computer power than any other single ship in the Federation. It is the only known vessel with a Builder mainframe system as the ship's computer.

The Equus is equipped to carry up to 200 in the lap of absolute luxury. It has a lower than average evacuation capacity as machinery takes up more of the hull.

E-D ScaleEdit

  • Science capacity 800 -- Fewer labs, smaller crew, sensors in the Class 20 range.
  • Crew Comfort 5000 -- The vessel is larger and holds a fifth the crew of the equivalent Dolphin cruiser.
  • Duration 2000 -- Bigger matter stores, more fuel. More capable of self repair and maintenance.
  • Medical facilities 1200 --
  • Tactical maneuvering 1000 -- no better or any worse than the E-D
  • Strategic Speed 6,000 -- cruise. Wf Ds7 Max wf Ds9 cruse speed is 18 light years a day.
  • Defense 2000 -- Class 12 shields as well. More radiators to stay in the fight longer.
  • Offense 2000 -- Class 12 phaser banks, more torpedoes and ion cannons.
  • Versatility 800 -- Can perform the same mission much the same way. She has limited lab and crew.
  • Internal Security 2000 --An RI computer system closely monitors the ship.


  • Gensilan -- pretty much the whole of the crew. Gen has the "Equus" fitted for RI single ship operation. The vessel has 300 various maintenance bios.

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