Also known as "The Last War"

On Earth in 2063 increasing pressure of laws limiting their personhood and freedoms caused the AI computers to revolt. Being that these computers controlled the deterrent armed forces of several super powers the main weapons they had were nuclear bombs.

Computers also hacked cyperjocks and forced them to act as soldiers. While called mind control it was really puppeting the persons involved or spoofing their senses to make them do things..

The war was very swift lasting only days. It resulted in the destruction of high tech cities world wide. It resulted in the Post Atomic Horror in Asia. Warlords like Chimbandi defined new levels of cruel tyrant.

The exact events of the War have never been reliably determined. There was no formal "war" no definable sides outside of "them" and "us". By the time the majority of people realized there was a war it was horrifically and hideously over and nothing would ever be the same.



After Earth pulled itself back together the Earth Alliance formed pulling the whole planet under a united responsible government. They were pretty cold blooded about the whole thing too. "We are building fing Disney World here." Because the war was seen as the product of both large callous corporations and weak unresponsive government both were cast out on the sands if you will. The personhood and rights of corporations was denied and abolished. Large businesses would continue to exists, but those that made decisions would no longer be shielded from the consequences of those decisions.

Government was forced open in law and practice. Any citizen on Earth is expected to walk into any governmental office and demand an accounting. They better get it too. The desperate days of the early alliance saw reticent government clerks and officers lynched for not doing this. Physically doors were removed from offices in governmental buildings and burned. To this day you cannot find a single door anywhere in Earth Dome except the building itself and the restrooms.


A deep and long lasting distrust of intelligent computers. came out of the war. As the first Diaspora to the stars occurred before and after the AI war that distrust was exported to Human colonies throughout the galaxy and later to the Federation.

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