Abraham Dannon is a statesman who's "Sighted Man of Peace" speech is regarded as influential in the founding of the United Federation of Planets.

Memory Beta has a good article about Abraham Dannon

Epiphany TrekEdit

Abraham Tacitus Dannon -- The Sighted Man of Peace Federation Signer for Kentauri

Abraham Dannon is revered today as the Federation's most honored statesman, though he was hated and despised as an appeaser in his own time. His work on the structure of the Federation Council and the Federation Presidency is nearly forgotten.

Dannon is remembered as the architect of the Federation's treaty with the Romulan Star Empire which brought an end to that long and bloody conflict. His treaty efforts were hampered by the desire of many council members to extract vengeance on the Romulans for the many Federation lives lost during that conflict. Realizing that a series of harsh treaty conditions would prolong the war, Dannon delivered his "Sighted Man of Peace" speech. This now famous speech convinced the Council members to soften their conditions, which included surrender of previously held Romulan systems, to bring about a much needed peace.

Though Dannon's efforts were eventually successful, he never lived to see their fruits. A dissident Andorian assassinated him four years after the ratification of the treaty bearing his name.

Two Starfleet vessels have borne his name. USS Abraham Dannon NCC-11000 an Ambassador class heavy cruiser, and the USS Abraham Dannon NCC-79546 A Dolphin class heavy cruiser


Assumes that the Romulan War occured between The Romulans on one side and a pre-Federation Alliance of powers on the other side.

In this time line it is assumed that banding together to ward off Romulan aggression showed the conrete benefits of alliance, and that statesmen and thinkers like Dannon helped turn the Alliance into a Federation.

However Dannon is kept in place as a man who's impassioned speach in favor of peace and progress helped set up the Federation


The FASA account has Dannon being from Alpha Centauri, despite a Terran sounding name. Note that Zephram Cochrane, in the TOS episode Metamorphosis Cochrane is described as being from Alpha Centauri as well.

In ST-OM I assume that slow-warp ships successfully travelled to Alpha Centauri and set up an expatriate Terran colony with the cooperation of native Alpha Centaurians.

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