Acceptain Mothership

not quite "that's no moon"

Motherships are the largest vessels the Acceptian Empire builds. The Mothership design is an arrowhead shaped ship an average of 1700 meters long. They are a response to the Thasite War Cities that threaten their spinward border. Motherships are few in number within the Acceptian Empire, and always the core of a conquering mission or an area of critical defense. No two of these vessels are identical. Each is a class unto itself.

Motherships carry a brigade strength land force, usually of client races, Gormelites and Kronin being typical. The operating crew will also consist largely of client races as well. All officers with be either Butos or Acceptians. Motherships can provide extended support to short ranged frigates, usually called "Strikers" as well. They are always accompanied by 4 to 10 of these smaller vessels.

Motherships are admitted pigs at sunlight. The Acceptians put the biggest impulse drives they have i them and that is still not really enough. Motherships are not particularly fast at warp either. Warp 6 diLithium is the standard cruising speed and glad they are to get it. Smaller Acceptian ships do have higher speeds.

Weapon-wise Motherships are porcupines in the extreme. Class 10 shields are standard as well as energy ablative armor. Class 8 to class 12 weapons beam weapons cover the ship. In addition they have the class 20 coaxial disruptor, mainly used on war cities, but equally useful in taking down stations or attacking planets. Ships dodge too quickly to hit with this monster unless you are very lucky.

Quarters wise the Motherships are a dream posting. They are huge, quarters even for lowly client ground troops are generous. The are renowned for having the largest flight tanks in the fleet. Twice the size of even battleships. The flight tank is part of the life support system being an air pressure regulation mechanism. We believe that was retrofitted into the tank. Flight is the primary reason. Only their smallest ship do not have flight tanks.

One Acceptian Mothership has been seen in stories. The Vigilant is seen in "The Long Patrol", "Lines in the Sand", and "Ships in the Night".

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