Areowing Class

The Areowing Class Runabout was built and largely equipped as the Captain's Yacht for Intrepid Class Starships. It was docked in a specially created space under the Intrepid class primary hull. It was too large to fit in the Intrepid class shuttle bay.

It was very similar in capabilities and construction to the Danube class Runabout popular in Starfleet at the time.

It is not known if other classes of ships, the Norway Class or the Steamrunner Class, for example, were equipped to dock an Areowing type runabout. It is not known how many were built or how many are in use.


The Areowing was designed as the Captain's Yacht for the USS Voyager In Star Trek: Voyager, but was never used. The shape of the main cabin and the cockpit windows make it plain that the Areowing was intended to use the Danube Class sets built for Deep Space Nine.

Instead the Crew was said to have created the Delta Flyer .

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