From "A Brief Tour of the San Fransisco Bay Area" Edit

"The 2107 Alameda earthquake registered at 8.2 on the open ended Richter scale. It was the true test of the last two centuries of earthquake resistant design. Most structures built after 1990 survived, but the quake was the end of any of the remaining "old structures" of the Bay Area. Hardest hit was Alameda itself which was largely flattened, proving that even seismic technology has limits.

The old town of Alameda was replaced by the Alameda Archology completed in 2125 which straddles the eastern end of the island. The Archology doubled the available business and housing space in the Bay area by its construction.

The Alameda Archology is made with the best of 22nd century seismic technology including a fully gimbaled foundation, and tuned mass dampers. It was built to upgrade and has received many upgrades over the years. Of note is the unintended consequence of the mass dampers known as the "Alameda Bass Note". Any time the Archology has experienced an event over 4.6 on the Richter scale a low volume, near subsonic thrum can be heard throughout the Bay Area. It took several quakes to identify the origin of the thrum, which cannot be heard inside the Archology itself. Engineers have since stated they could eliminate the "Bass Note" with upgrades and adjustments, but the citizens at this point are against it. The Alameda Bass Note has become an item of local lore. Old Timers claim they can give you the strength of a quake to the decimal point by the pitch of the "Bass Note". Also of interest in the Alameda Archology is the Apartment once occupied by the late Captain James T. Kirk.

The Alameda Archology is an eight pointed star that is three kilometers across the points, and stands a kilometer high. It has housing for 700,000, and has available business and shopping to support that population. The lagoon which is under the Archology can dock 2000 boats at a time. Access is by BART tubes, over 1000 Air Stations or 100 transporter terminals. Tubrolifts are positioned throughout the Archology for easy movement."

-- Excerpted from "A Brief Tour of the San Fransisco Bay Area" published 2380

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