(ahem) Meow

Alex-the-Cat is the victim of mad science, although he doesn't feel especially victimized by the incident.

Alex is one of 23 meta-animals retrieved from the dying surface of Molmagh. Alex is the only one of the 23 that is not a life form native to the Klingon Sphere.

Alex had received augmentation to his brain from Doctor Mor'phas a Klingon mad scientist. This renders him a sentient individual, although at the root level he is fully a cat. Alex can communicate in Federation Standard, if he feels like it. While his thoughts and desires are those of a cat, he is better equipped to tell you what they are.

Alex also has a cybernetic layer under his skin that renders him invisible to scanners. He enjoys this.

Alex the Cat lives with Jay P. Hailey (2), Li'ira-2 and Morania on the USS Crystal City


We lost Zachery the Cat, subject of the picture, in March 2017. I still miss my boy. Tesral (talk) 00:03, June 14, 2017 (UTC)

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