Alicia Bendross (b 2040 - d Unknown)

created by Gene Ambacher and Jay P Hailey


Alicia Bendross

Alicia Bendross was the niece of Arthur Bendross, one of the richest men in the world in the late 21st century.

As a member of Bendross family, Alicia was an expert at subtle intrigue, corporate political maneuvering and underhanded tricks.

Her public persona was as an air-headed, spoiled, rich, party girl.

Alicia portrayed hersef as being stuck on the Bendross Colonization Mission, but actually fought tooth and nail to get it.

Once at Bendross, Brennan Anthony attempted a brute force coup over the established command structure of the Colony Mission. Alicia Bendross had to dump her cover persona to slap Anthony down and revealed her competency and steel.

Although the government was clothed in corporate structure, from then on, Alicia Bendross was effectively the monarch of the colony.

Alicia was an avid fan of The AustrianSchool of Economics and insisted that the Colony go free market cash and carry. She also inisted that all natives be treated as equal people, paid fairly for information, goods and services rendered to the colony. She often referred to Colonial History in her policies.

Her effective, if minimalist management of the Colony led to it's initial success and thriving and she is remembered fondly on that planet to this day.

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