Allyn Gibson

Writer and Commentator

     A resident of Pennsylvania, Allyn is one of TrekCreative's less active participants. Two things should be noted, right off the bat. Allyn doesn't often write Star Trek fanfic, and Allyn doesn't often read Star Trek fanfic. Why, then, does he participate on a listserv devoted to the subject of Star Trek as applied in fanfic? Because Allyn is, at core, a Star Trek fan, knowledgeable in his own way, with strong views of how the Star Trek universe works, both as a "playground of the mind" and as a "reality one step removed from our own."

     Among Allyn's particular interests are the Star Trek novels; you'll find him an active participant on the Psi Phi Star Trek Books BBS. Allyn also manages Alternity, a mailing list devoted to discussing the development of history in the Star Trek universe through an examination of counterfactuals based upon Star Trek's future history. One such speculation on Star Trek history, The Kzin Question, attempts to explain how the Kzin, as seen in the Animated Series, can coexist with the universe as seen in Star Trek: First Contact.

     Outside of Star Trek Allyn's interests span Doctor Who; eighteenth-century nautical fiction such as the novels of C.S. Forester and Alexander Kent; the writings of Larry Niven, Philip K. Dick, and Ernest Hemingway, among others; Arthurian mythology, particularly the 12th- and 13th-century Grail romances; medieval history; Winnie-the-Pooh; the Beatles; HTML coding; old-style BASIC programming; and The Lord of the Rings.