Tougher than she looks

Analessur was the Chief Medical Officer on Asteroid Base Ateb. Although psychically slight and delicate looking, Analessur has an amazing strength of will, and can out-stubborn a black hole.

She is a polymath in medical sciences, and specialized in Space Medicine. Like everyone with medical training she slogged trough the Great War and its aftermath, becoming fiercely anti-war as well as an experienced emergency response doctor - coping with too many people who were too sick or too injured while she had too few supplies and too few competent assistants.

After the War, Analessur became a teaching medical professor and a highly placed adviser to the Arraean Space Agency.

Analessur agreed to do a tour as chief medical officer of Asteroid Base Ateb in order to over see the science and medicine of the base in practice and to get hands-on space medicine experience.

Her war time experience served Analessur well on Asteroid Base Ateb. Breakaway and subsequent adventures honed her skill at improvisational medicine and high-stakes immediate-application sciences.

Analessur and Nojineok are experimenting with a romantic relationship, but are both also wrestling with their forms of trauma. Analessur is great at keeping cool under pressure and doing the right thing under fire. She is not too great at being vulnerable and real with another human being when things are relatively calm and normal.

Aboard the Discovery, Analessur considers doing XenoMedicine with actual manuals and the experience of previous doctors to draw on to be refreshing and luxurious. She is upgrading her skills and knowledge and is slipping back into "University Teaching Doctor" Mode, but she gets to the be the student.

She is happily rediscovering who Analessur is when life is not metaphorically a shoot out in a slammed emergency room on top of a ticking bomb.