The Aneilogs are what happened to Ane when the Rishans got a hold of them. Aneilogs have existed for 100,000 years. they are native to the world of Oz. Since The USS Discovery recontacted Oz, Aneilogs are moving to other Ane Confederation worlds besides Oz itself.. They account for about one billion of the Ane Confederation's members.

Physiology: Aneilogs are humanoid Ane. Aneilogs stand 1.6 meters on average and weigh in at 54 kilograms. They have digitigrade legs with cloven hooves. Their hands have three fingers and a thumb. Body shape is that of a light framed humanoid. They have slight muzzles and Ane dentation Aneilogs have much smaller version of the horns that Ane have. These seldom reach over a foot in length. Their bodies are hairless except for a mane running from the tops of their heads to between their shoulder blades. They also have a tuft at the tip of their tails. This hair is the typical Ane mane colors. They have the same blue-black skin color of the Ane as well as the bright blue mucus membranes. Females have two pectoral mammaries instead of the usual four between the hind legs. These seldom get larger than a "B" cup.

Males have a penis sheath, again close to the body. They also have the internal testicles. While they have the same scent glands as the Ane the lack of a furred face mask makes them less obvious.
     In all other matters other than size Aneilogs are Ane. Diet, culture, reproduction. However they are not cross fertile with Ane. By Federation standards they are considered a different species.

As of 2407 is is noted that Aneilogs can teleport. This was not the case until the USS Sigma Seven Contacted the "structure" known as the Cathedral. An energy matter matrix fractal a light year across. When they reached the cetner the Healer Calalan asked the Creator to repair them from the Rishan Damage, it did. They can now act as an Anchors for The Express or any other teleporting ability that Ane normally have.