• Created by: Garry Stahl
  • Appearance: USS Danon Moves;"The Vault"
  • Number of Members: 1
  • Nature of Members: A goat looking bipedal carnivore. Angothol were telepathic mammals. Aggressive and imperialistic. Records indicate that yes they enjoyed the mental anguish of their prey in the brief moments they were being killed. They never stopped eating live animals. They had strong taboos against eating any sentient. That doesn't mean you can't scare them.
  • Organization: Super tribe.
  • Game Role: A subject for conversation
  • World Role: Archeology
  • Relative Influence: Zip
  • Public or Secret?: Forgotten is more like it.
  • Publicly Stated Goal: What part of "dead" didn't you understand?
  • Relative Wealth: You can't take it with you.
  • Group disadvantages: Extinct
  • Those who favor them: Archaeologists looking for a thesis.
  • Those opposed to them: Opposed to what?
  • Area of Operation: The afterlife, if any.
  • Headquarters Location: Angotholwal: Their world, still class M has biologically moved on. Most animals are small and it is going through a period of low growing megaflora.
  • Public Face: Extinct species
  • Member: Archivist - An AI left to guard and explain the ancient Archive the Angothol left to explain themselves. There are no biological members of the race left.
  • History of the Organization: The Angothol were a star faring species extant in the galaxy circa 2.0 to 1.5 million years ago. The Ane report knowing of them during their first interstellar period. Angothol avoided Ane and they do not have many of their stories. This is regretted by the Ane. It was an Angothol ship that "discovered" that teleportation and warp drives do not mix. It is believed that this is also the cause for the Angothol avoiding Ane thereafter. Archivist explained that "Ane were fun to startle. You think real hard about not being there, sneak up from the side, from the back and you get your slats kicked in, grab them and say 'got'ya'. Their eyes bug out and they teleport. Great fun."

    Archaeologists have located few identifiable Angothol artifacts. The location of their home world is now known. A base on an airless moon in the gamma hydrox system has recently been discovered. The base dates to the right period and the All has identified some artifacts as being of Angothol origin. The possible computer core is being treated with all the reverent care that such an object should receive.

    The Angothol are usually mentioned in passing as the reason it isn't a good idea to teleport to or from warp, or even point to point inside a ship in warp.

    With the discovery of the Angothol home world a major space presence and an entire university of archeology is growing up alongside the Archive, a priceless relic left by the dying race. Along with this is DS30 which is rapidly becoming a Starfleet starbase in its own right.

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