The Ansisi are Human telepaths that joined the All some 18,000 years ago on the plains of Africa They are named for the woman Ansisi that discovered the sentient nature of the Ane, and convinced her fellow tribesmen to deal with these creatures, not fight with them. The woman Ansisi was the first member of any species not Ane to become part of the All. This has since expanded to include Humans not of the Ansisi tribe, and all such Humans are described as Ansisi. There exist some 500,000 Ansisi.

The majority of the Ansisi live in Landing Town, Savanna, with most of the rest residing in Masikanietu, a town in the Bantu Free State of Africa. Most are decedents of the Ansisi tribe, but there are others like Jerry LaSaille, James Timothy Kirk, and Jay P. Hailey that don't have any Ansisi tribal blood in them. Ansisi are also based out of Jerry's Bellacolone estate and on other Ane worlds.

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