"The purpose of argument is progress not victory." -- Annon

This is the concept we call the idea buffet. You can take the ideas that work for you, and ignore the ones that do not work for you. There isn't a single right way that all must hue to. Indeed if someone pops an idea your way when you are having trouble figuring something out, even if you don't use that idea, it helps you clarify in your own mind what is you do want. Not this, but that. Something that you might not have realized unless you had been offered "this". The same applies to the ideas you throw out there. Don't feel rejected if it isn't used. It added to the discussion, it promoted progress.

Everyones' ideas are as good as anyone else's. It doesn't matter if that someone else is Gene Roddenberry or Albert Einstein. Your ideas are not inferior because you don't have fame or fortune. We have seen some of the totally lame ideas that did get money behind them. It's called network TV. So money is no assurance of good ideas. At the last Albert Einstein did not like the idea of quantum mechanics. He might have been The physicist of the 20th century, but quantum mechanics has survived, in part because Albert made the proponents of Quantum Mechanics defend every idea.

I have a theory about cheetah genetics. Cheetahs are so closely related that any cheetah can take a skin graft from any other. Looking at their friendliness as well I theorize that the entire wild population in in fact, feral. All living members of the species are escaped Egyptian hunting cats, or from Punt or some similar nation of far ancient times. I expressed my idea to a professor pf biology at Michigan State. His reply? Entirely possible within the circumstances as we understand them. He didn't know if it could be proven however. So, my ideas are as good as a professional biologist.

Good ideas are where you find them. Do not dismiss your ideas, or anyone’s ideas, before you examine them. Remember; good ideas are where you find them. If you don't keep looking at ideas and having ideas you will not find any.

"One of the best ways to have good ideas is to have enough ideas that some of them can be bad." --???

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