Arthur "Snoopy" Hendricks is a character in ST-OM and Epiphany Trek


From The Holly Hop Incident Pt 1 :
Arthur Hendricks was a thin black man with an easy smile. He was naturally friendly, and it was rather catchy. When I found him, he was cleaning a hydroponics bay on Spacedock.

I had met him a year earlier while investigating a project for Admiral Quinn. I had felt comfortable with Hendricks and had talked too much to him. Soon the entire station knew I was a ringer for Quinn, thanks to Hendricks. They had stopped talking to me. But they hadn't stopped talking to Arthur. I found out all that I wanted to know from him.

He had this special ability to make friends. He was also talented in being in the right place at the right time. It was almost magical. Arthur Hendricks just knew things.

He was still an ensign. It was a safe bet that he was going to be one forever. Hendricks had no sense about who he talked to. Once too many times he had revealed his Commanding Officer's closely held information. He was paying for it by cleaning the hydroponics tanks. He was working alone.

"Good afternoon, Snoopy." Being a snoop was Arthur's talent, it became his nickname. He took to it as a form of rebellion. He even collected the old comic strip and memorabilia from "Peanuts".

Epiphany TrekEdit

Arthur "Snoopy" Hendricks is three charaters in Epiphnay trek.

Arthur "Snoopy" Hendricks [1] follows the path laid out in ST-OM. When the Howard Colony is abandoned he comes to Oz. He is not heavily followed after this.

Arthur "Snoopy" Hendricks [2] was on the duplicate of the USS Harrier. He has continued in Starfleet following Rear Admiral Halley and [[Li'ira-2}Captain Li'ira]], currently assigned to the USS Crystal City

Snoopy 3 is on the third Harrier, His forward course has not been decided, yet


Arthur "Snoopy" Hendricks was created by Dennis Washburn, as was his talent for making friends and hearing things he shouldn't have.

The idea that Snoopy has El-Aurian blood, came later in ST-OM, but explains his almost mystical abilities to make friends, gain trust and hear things he shouldn't.


In ST-OM - The Briar Patch Snoopy reveals his part El-Aurian heritage and leaves the USS Discovery to join the Howard Colony

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