The AshbysEdit

I once had a fantasy. I'd be a famous and well-paid author. I'd make up a fictional family. I'd follow various members through various historical periods and Genres. It would be a great in joke between me and my loyal readers.

I didn't intend it to be the Ashbys, but that's the way it has worked out.

The most recent Ashby I made up was Aaron Burr Ashby for a Shadowrun Game. And the one player who got the in joke rolled his eyes.

Group Name:Edit

The Ashby Family

Created by: Jay P Hailey

Appearance: Jennifer Taitler (Nee Ashby) appeared in 1983 in a B13 game. Scott Ashby appeared in the GURPS game of 1988 Both were used in Vista City

Number of Members:Edit

Unknown, more than a dozen detailed.

Nature of Members:Edit

Members of the Family bearing the surname "Ashby" who are adventurers.


A family line

Game Role:Edit

A source for Jay's Characters, building a virtual dynasty.

World Role:Edit

The good guys, usually.

Relative Influence:Edit

Various. Scott Ashby affected the History of the United States. Hamilton was one of the founding fathers of a New World. Usually not that much

Public or secret?Edit

Public. What they are doing is sometimes secret.

Publicly Stated Goal:Edit

To survive and prosper

Relative Wealth:Edit

Varies. Sometimes quite wealthy.

Group advantages:Edit

Adventurous and talented

Special Abilities:Edit

Weirdness Magnet.

Group disadvantages:Edit

Weirdness Magnet

Special disadvantages:Edit

People often wind up trying to kill them. In Jay-trek a disproportionate number die in Air Combat.

Those who favor them:Edit

Good guys, friends. Organizations that hire them to defend the good.

Those opposed to them:Edit

Criminals, the weird, generic enemies of the Federation.

Area of Operation:Edit

Earth, Bendross. The United Federation of Planets.

Headquarters Location:Edit

Generically Vista City, CA, or Olson City, Bendross.

Public Face: Plucky, smart and earnest defenders of the good. Usually.

History of the Organization:Edit

The Ashby Family history (at least for this fictional branch) traces back to Andrew Ashby, a criminal who was transported to American from Britain in the 1600s.

The Trek history continues until at least the 2670s with Garfield Ashby.

Notable Members:Edit

Circa 1650 - Andrew Ashby is transported to America from England, having been convicted of highway robbery

1747 - 1819 Noah Ashby. Adventurer, smuggler, free spirit

1790's onward - Two sons of Noah Ashby Join the military (one the Navy, the other the Army)

1827 - ???? - Carter Moses Ashby makes a fortune in Silver Mining in Denver Colorado. Moves to England in 1870 with his new wife, and has adventures, ala the pulps and Sherlock Holmes

1834 - 1909 - Matt Ashby, Union Cavalry Officer in the Civil war, and later Federal Marshal in the California territories. Picked up a bum leg during the war.

1910 - 1967 - Jack Ashby, G-Man, B13 Agent Not too much is known of Jack Ashby, except that he liked the Colt M1911 and that he disappeared, never to be seen again.

Mom Ashby - Steve's Mother. Not detailed.

Aunts Ashby - Jack Ashby had two sisters.

1945 - 1994 - Scott Steven Ashby', Fighter pilot, astronaut, experimental cyborg, B13 agent. Killed in Eugenics war.

Jen Ashby, B13 Agent, Policewoman (Helps found the VCPD SIS), has a grudge against the supermen.

1984 - ???? - Spaulding Ashby, Pilot, Agent and so on.

1986 - 2072 - Mikki Ashby, B13 agent, officer of Nogano America Corp.

2007 - ???? - John Ashby, AF Pilot, Exchange officer, and so on. Killed in Col. Greene's War

Crystal Lannier Ashby - A Bailiff at the LA County Courthouse. Killed in rioting.

2039 - ???? - 'Hamilton Ashby, AF Pilot, Cyberpunk, Space Explorer Colonist,

Aaron Burr Ashby - (AU echo of Hamilton for a Shadowrun Game)

2099 - ???? - Donald Ashby, Hamilton Ashby's Son, resident of Bendross.

2260's - James Ashby, serves as a Helmsman on the USS Ezekiel

2287 - Carter Ashby, stranded on the Starliner California. He can check out any time he likes but he can never leave.

2373 - Parker Ashby, Starfleet Engineer, DS13, USS Cincinnatus (Of the Bendross Ashbys)

2409 - Warren Ashby, Starfleet Officer. (AU - Star Trek Online)

(Scott in 1988 and Steve in 2358 both interfered with a malfunctioning time travel experiment - this set up a quantum resonance which effectively caused them to be parallels and analogs of each other. Neither one realizes this. If the Jens did, they'd be shooting things.)

Steve Ashby a reserve Starfleet officer, and VCPD Policeman.

Jen Ashby A retired Starfleet Officer, wife of Steve

Spaulding Ashby, Son of Steve and Jen

Mikki Ashby, Daughter of Steve and Jen

2670's - Garfield Ashby. Historical hologram programmer, historian

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