Species that are descended from bird like forms. There are several such both in canon Trek and in various fan sources.

  • Acceptians -- Hawk-like flying types from Epiphany Trek
  • Avayans -- Flightless types from Epiphany Trek
  • Birrl -- A flightless avianoid people that are prickly on the matter of protocol. They are exact and they are exacting. They will not take any action until all protocol is observed. They are members of the League of Unaligned Worlds. Their sense of abrupt (for Federation standards) justice keeps them out of the Federation. Birrl deal quickly and harshly with a known criminal. Too quickly and too harshly for the Federation. They however prefer their methods and while Federation membership might have advantages, they consider "proper justice" more important. They support the League in most matters, and urged the expulsion of Ekos for its aggressive policies. The Homeworld is "Nest" -0.5/0.9
  • Buto -- A species related to the Acceptians from Epiphany Trek
  • Hawauk-Hwee -- Parrot people from Star Trek: Outwardly Mobile flight status unknown.
  • Partroll -- A flightless avian species from the Federation core.
  • Skorr -- From the Animated Series, also capable of flying.