Created by: Garry Stahl

Appearance: Epiphany Trek game

Number of Members: Estimated several billion

Nature of Members: Saurians. Avorians look like dragons that stand over two meters tall sitting on their rear haunches. The have five digit hands and feet. They have wings and can fly in a 1g field. Their usual posture is quadrupedal. While they can sit up they cannot walk that way. Colors run the full rainbow including silver and white. The color is nothing but pigment.

Organization: Super family

Game Role: Kliges'chee survivors

World Role: Life thing.

Relative Influence: Major. they are the sole surviving star-faring people in the Kliges'chee core

Public or Secret?: Public, now.

Publicly Stated Goal: Seek out new life and new civilizations.

Relative Wealth: Several planetary systems, all the Kliges'chee wrecks they can use.

Group advantages: Avorian stealth and cloaking technologies would make a Romulan green(er)

Special Abilities: They can fly.

Group disadvantages: Having hidden so long openness is difficult for them.

Those who favor them: The Federation

Those opposed to them: None known

Area of Operation: Central Kliges'chee implosion zone.

Headquarters Location: Galinferd

Public Face: Curious dragons

Notable Members: Captain Reddish -- First encountered the USS Crystal City

History of the Organization: Avorians were one of the first cultures encounters by the Kliges'chee. They were moving out into space when the home world got pounded back to the stone age. The colonies dove for cover and fast. Galinferd was the quickest and best at hiding.

With the self inflicted destruction of their home world the Kliges'chee are no longer a factor. The Avorians are moving back out into the galaxy openly and embarking on a recovery of their home world. They are currently in contact with the Builder Core of the Federation.

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