No missing mass hijinks here.

Ayam is/was a Space Explorer and Field Scientist from the world Animon.

Ayam became lost and is now a seeker looking for a way to return home.

The Identity of Ayam is actually a brain/spirit/mind recording belonging to the Prizz - the individual now called "Ayam" by the Atebians and the crew of the USS Discovery is a Prizz who began with the Delusion of being Ayam.

Ayam describes this in better detail in "Ayam and the All"

The Atebians and Most of the Discovery crew people assume that Ayam's shape changing abilities are normal for the Animon people, but they are actually an expression of the Prizz.

Prizz-Ayam asserts that the science-based frame of mind and previous experience as an adventuring space explorer belonging to Ayam are an enormously useful tool for coping with adventuring in the Galaxy. The mind and outlook of Ayam provide her with a much better set of tools and reflexes to use than any non-manifesting Prizz would have.

Ayam is a sort of scientific dilettante, with skills ranging all over the realm of applied science in investigation.

Ayam's main fields of expertise are in Xeno-cultural anthropology, xeno-zoology and in the operation, maintenance, modification and creation of sensor technology. But she'll cheerfully take a whack at anything from art-history to mutli-dimensional hyperspatial physics.

She is also talented at meeting people, charming people, and reading a situation in order to know when is good to flee.

Ayam escaped the Prizz homeworld with four other adventuring techno-wizards, however, in time she either saw them killed or was separated from them.


When encountered by Asteroid Base Ateb, Ayam was associating with a mad Animon man named "Mentor". Mentor had a device which he claimed would probe the secrets of the universe. Ayam saw something that sort of looked like a weird hyperspatial telescope and so she joined Mentor, hoping to use the device to discover Prizz.

However Mentor was mad. He entrapped a scouting party from Ateb and was about to sacrifice them to his machine, claiming that some hidden, mystical qualities of their minds were required to activate his device.


And to think! They called him Mad at the Institute!


Ayam helped the Atebians escape and, in so doing caused a chain reaction with destroyed Mentor and his machine. Ayam joined the crew of the Asteroid Base. She became a science and deep space adventuring adviser while continuing to search for the Prizz Homeworld.


Ayam revealed her true nature to Captain Hailey, and is resolved to continue to search for the Prizz homeworld so she can returned her experiences there.

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