Created by: Jay P. Hailey, Garry Stahl

Appearance: Starbase 600 game

Number of Members: Billions

Nature of Members: Zarians, Bykaker, other races to a lessor degree.

Organization: Federal System before the contact.

Game Role: This was intended to allow a sort of "Federation as written by Tom Clancy."

World Role: The Balmoran Federation is a political unit, based on the United Federation of Planets. It was inspired by the crew of the USS Canberra.

Relative Influence: Major in the Far Sector.

Public or Secret?: Public

Publicly Stated Goal:

Relative Wealth:

Group advantages:

Special Abilities:

Group disadvantages:

Special disadvantages:

Those who favor them:

Those opposed to them:

Area of Operation:

Headquarters Location: It is based on the Planet Balmora. -3.5/-14.3

Public Face:

Notable Members:

History of the Organization: See Zarians and The Zarian Empire.

After a Bykaler uprising in the 2190s, the Zarian Empire Collapsed and was replaced by the Balmoran Federation after a period of war and chaos.

In the Starbase 600 game, the Balmoran Federation Absorbed itself into the Federation once encountered.

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