A bank, on Glade. The official holder of the money for the Ane Confederation. They deal with other parties public and private concerning the finances of the Ane Confederation. In effect the treasury for the Ane.

The Bank of Glade also offers the full range of banking services for companies and private persons. The Bank of Glade is nothing extraordinary in regards to being a bank. It does have branches on Savanna, Felicity, Association, Oz, and Earth. They commonly do business with other banks both large and small.

The Bank of Glade is a division of Bicorn Industries.


I have no idea how a bank would work in an energy economy. We are starting to see how the bank would function in a cashless society. Gold pressed Latinum makes it clear that specie is not dead, so that has to be taken into account even if the majority of the transactions are paid for with a thumb or nose print. I'm not going to put my nose to the grindstone. It works, that is all that is required. I know too much about banks, banking, and the financial industry in any case. That rabbit hole need not be fallen down.