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Basking ray
Basking Ray class scout (FS)2380 -- present

The Basking Ray is a scout development of the Stingray class light frigate hull. She exchanges, one phaser strip, one torpedo turret and most of her torpedo load for range and sensor power. the basking ray has superior sensor fidelity and range, but lacks in staying power and shields. They are a touch on the fragile side and basically have enough weapons to shoot and GTFO. Basking Rays are over-engined both in the warp and impulse categories. They are also built to handle those engines and can use them to their full capacity.

Basking Rays are mainly used as fleet scouts, first in space survey work, and courier duty. They see some use as Search and Rescue ships at least in the Search capacity. Their small crew capacity makes then unsuitable as primary rescue craft.

Basking Rays are reasonably comfortable for a small crew of under 110 persons. Ane crewed versions will seldom have more than two to three bond groups and an RI.

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