Bendross can also refer to the Planet Bendross

Group Name: The Bendross IV colonization Mission

Created by: Gene Ambacher, Jay P Hailey and Garry Stahl

Appearance: Gene's 1990s Bendross RPG, 2016 Starbase-600 Game

Number of Members: 15,000 colonists and crew on the Bendross IV as well as support crew

Nature of Members: Colonists and starship crew chosen to be the best of the best of the 2060s

Organization: Corporate and paramilitary.

Game Role: To take the PCs to Starbase 600, inadvertently. 

World Role: To take the colonists to the target system and strand them there, facilitating the colonization of the system. The Target system is later known of as Dezcolia. An Orion Hell hole of diminishing technology. Just as well they never got there.

Relative Influence: On Earth, little. Another corporate boondoggle. In the Oz system, little.  A new batch of survivors, refugees. civilians and recruits. 

Public or Secret? Public

Publicly Stated Goal: To create a prosperous and profitable colony in the target system.

Relative Wealth: Compared to other colonization missions, above average - Arthur Bendross was shooting the works.

Group advantages: The best equipment money could buy and the best people who could be filtered through the selection system

Special Abilities: Cyberpunks, their view of what is and isn't culturally appropriate is slightly different than the usual 24th century Earth person's.

Group disadvantages: Primitives playing catch up with technology and Xenology.

Special disadvantages: Some may not be all that well adjusted.

Area of Operation: Starbase 600

Headquarters Location: Starbase 600, the Bendross IV

Public Face: Intrepid colonizers and explorers of a strange new world.

Notable Members: Edit

  • Arthur Bendross - megalomaniac billionaire financialist who funded the colonization as a monument to himself.
  • Martin Bendross - Nephew of Arthur and competent administrator
  • Charles "Chuck" Aldrin - Former Air Force General and veteran In System Freight pusher.  He knows as much about driving super large impulse ships as anyone in the 2060s can.  Veteran of numerous conflicts. He projects cigar chomping, two fisted, gung ho idiot. But behind this facade is a very smart man who is very very good at resource management. Anyone who advocates using his people unwisely is going to get a scientific beating. After Docking, Chuck Aldrin is sort of at sea, but hunkers down to study the economics of the Federation.
  • Dwayne Wu -  Medical Doctor, Cybernetic Engineer, Former Army.  Cyborg (Left Arm). Looks like a Black/Chinese Line backer.  All about the smart. Rescued cybernetic spare parts and data from the B-IV
  • Katerine Ozzo-Wu -  Genetics engineer, molecular biologist. Wife of Dwayne Wu. Also All about the Smart.  Wants to get a fresh bio-sciences degree.
  • Billy Garcia - a slim, handsome man.  A fast talker. Very curious about all the people. 
  • "Clio" Cleopatra Schwartz - cyborg, a gunsel, former US Army Lt. 
  • Akka Bolarian - A mathematics genius who's brain was altered by "primitive" 2060s bio science.  He gets along better with RI's than anyone else. 
  • Georj Bolarian - Akkad's Father,  Farmer and Field Botanist 
  • Anja Bolarian  - Akkad's mother, Farmer and Field Biologist
  • Jo Bolarian -  Akka's brother is a systems engineer, 
  • Meeja Bolarian - Akka's Sister, a nurse.

History of the OrganizationEdit

2074 - The Bendross IV Launches

2076 - Second Shift - the Bendross IV encounters a swirly thing connected to the Ghostlands.

2407 - Swirly thing deposits Bendross IV in the Oz System heavily damaged. A premature end to the voyage very late.

Fate of the OrganizationEdit

The Bendross IV was docked at Starbase 600 and her crew was integrated into the civilian population to seek their fortunes. 

Ship details:Edit

  • Ship Name: Bendross IV
  • Brief description of ship: A spine with cylindrical modules attached - and a warp drive section tacked on the back.
  • Fleet role: Colonizer
  • Age: 12 years old when launched
  • Built: 2062
  • Length: 300 meters
  • Distinguishing Marks (Odd paint job, repair scars etc.) The Bendross IV was a heavily altered normal space tug. It also had the Bendross Corporate Logo painted all over it. This normal Space tug then had a warp drive stage built onto the back.
  • Equipment Quirks and Problems: The Bendross IV was a one-of-a-kind conversion. 
  • Equipment Advantages: When completed the Bendross IV had the most advanced impulse drives and warp drives of her day, and could outrun most of the ships in the Earth system.
  • Shuttles, number, any odd ones?: The Bendross IV had large numbers of cargo shuttles, landing tugs and excursion crafts.
  • Primary Power: The Bendross IV used a first generation revised matter/anti-matter reactor. It successfully operated for 2 years and then was abandoned, as passage through the Swirly thing damaged it. 
  • Secondary Power: The Bendross IV used a robust array of fusion reactors for all operating power.
  • Primary Weapons: The Bendross IV mounted a powerful Laser cannon on the nose to clear obstacles in her path.
  • Secondary Weapons: The Bendross IV mounted two missile launchers with a small variety of conventional and nuclear missiles
  • Service History: The Bendross IV was one of a number of sub light freighters designed to support colonization and exploitation of the Solar system. The economic ruin of the third world war destroyed the finances and will to pursue such activities.

    This lead to the giant normal space freighters being docked, sold very cheaply and exploited poorly for the ongoing war on Earth.

    When news of the invention of Warp Drive and first contact broke, there was no real plan or organized concept of how to use this new technology and new ideas.

    There was a general feeling that Earth was on the verge of destruction.

    This lead to a sort of frantic land rush feeling. The ship known as Bendross IV was sold to speculators seeking to exploit the land rush away from Earth.

    Then the ship along with five other of similar construction was bought by the Bendross Corporation. Four of them were fitted out as colonizers.

    Bendross IV was not aimed in the same direction as the previous two Bendross ships. (Bendross II having been destroyed by Neo-Luddites) Arthur Bendross sent it after the stolen warp ship SS Savanna, figuring that nut LaSaille knew something, Target Q, which Bendross IV never reached, was contacted later as Dezcolia, a fallen Orion world.

    After a two year voyage through interstellar space the Bendross IV encountered a Swirly Thing courtesy of the Ghostlands. This threw her into the Oz System, 300 years in the future. The Bendross IV, on contact with ADF ships, dumped her damaged Warp Drive section, and was towed to Starbase 600 where it was hard docked and became archeology.

    The crew has been systematically looting the Bendross IV for items and supplies, although they already have all needs provided for by the Federation. Old habits die hard.

Enterprise-D ScaleEdit

Crew: 10,000 Mostly in cryogenic hibernation. 12 - 24 people awake on watch. On a scale of 1 - 1000 where 1000 is The Enterprise-D

  • Science capacity - 100
  • Crew Comfort - 100
  • Duration - 4000
  • Medical facilities - 100
  • Tactical maneuvering - 10
  • Strategic Speed - 3
  • Defense - 3
  • Offense - 3
  • Versatility - 50
  • Internal Security - 10

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