Created by: Garry Stahl

Appearance: The Eagle's Spawn -- Bendross Game

Number of Members: 10 billion

Nature of Members: A flightless avianoid people. Birrl stand 2.6 meters on average on very long legs, and a long neck. They are obligate bipeds of the uncommon "bird hipped" type they stand and move much as Sixliss do. They are egg layers. You get what would be if ostriches ruled the Earth. Plains, pack, omnivores. The same niche as Humans.

Organization: World government super nation.

Government: Constitutional Monarchical Republic. The King of Queen serves as the direct ruler of the nation, but must consider the acts of the Senate. It is all very formal and very proper. Transparency is demanded. They do not have near the respect for the individual or personal rights the Federation does. Every governmental movement has its dance, sometimes that is literal.

Culture: Birrl are prickly on the matter of protocol. They are exact and they are exacting. They will not take any action until all protocol is observed and the dances danced.

There is a separate population in the Bendreoss system that is not as stiff as the homeworkers.

Game Role: An encounter and factor in "The Eagle's Spawn". the Avianoids in the Bendross game.

World Role: Life thing.

Relative Influence: Minor, two worlds

Public or Secret?: Very public

Publicly Stated Goal: Trade and die rich.

Relative Wealth: Decent for a two planet unit

Race Advantages:

Special Abilities:

Race disadvantages:

Special Disadvantages:

Relations: They are members of The League of Unaligned Worlds.

Area of Operation: Federation core

Headquarters Location: The Homeworld is "Nest" -0.5/0.9

Public Face: Prickly but just dealers.

Notable Members:

History of the Race: Seven hundred years ago the Birrl had a serious internal discussion that result in several slow ships being launched to the now Bendross system. A one way colony that had no support. This led to open war with the native Lemiurites. A war that did neither side any favors, pushing both off of post industrial economies and back to the stone age. Lemurites prevail on Bendross III-A, and the Birrl on Bendross III-B

Meanwhile things did not look good back home when a faction of the Vegan Tyranny started a war of conquest with the Birrl. the Orions failed, but destroyed the Birrl as an industrial culture. The colonies were left to fend for themselves.

Meanwhile the homeworld recovered developing a more ridged culture. And eventually warp drives.

They support the League in most matters, and urged the expulsion of Ekos for its aggressive policies.

Their sense of abrupt (for Federation standards) justice keeps them out of the Federation. Birrl deal quickly and harshly with a known criminal. Too quickly and too harshly for the Federation. They however prefer their methods and while Federation membership might have advantages, they consider "proper justice" more important. T

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