The Builders are noted for a remarkable lack of style. When they find something that works, they don't change it. Builder class stations are modular in nature consisting of a central spire and ring structure with modular docking bays, from 2 to 60. Ironically the oldest known of the stations is the largest still in operation. Since the Builders came out a number of such stations have been purchased from them and placed as Starbases.

The largest station found was at the "Star Wreck" system the location of Failed Project 47. It is actually of an older design, and two layers thick. Probes estimate it has 150 years before debris from the generator wreck hits it. Even after three million years in the dark it powered up and a third of the structure showed lights. Again probes have indicated that since then half of those have shut off, indication that self diagnosis has shown that those areas do not hold air.

Star Wreck station is the site of an ongoing Starfleet mission to dissect the Zero Point power source.

Two Bay StationsEdit

  • Ovid Station -- Starbase 601 Fulinsia: Jointly held with the Klingon House Quar (New Klingon)
  • Canberra Station -- Starbase 604. Balmorra

SpacedocksmallTwo-Box Builder

Four Bay StationsEdit

  • Benefit Station -- Starbase 602 Nakoo
  • Reliant Station -- Starbase 603 Ssilar
  • Felicity High Station -- Starbase 145 Felicity

Four-Box Builder

Twelve Bay StationsEdit

  • Starfleet Spacedock at Earth. The old spacedock was inserted into the spire as part of the new station.

Earth Spacedock

Renaissance Station

Sixty Bay StationsEdit

  • The Largest and oldest known of the stations is Builder Station itself. -- Starbass 222

Builder Station

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