Bureau Thirteen ("The Bureau," "B-13", "The Office of Scientific Investigation", "Psi-Factor" annd dozens of others)

Bureau Thirteen was an undercover branch of the United States Federal Government between 1865 and 2060. It was tasked with handling secret and "weird" threats to the United States and incorporating peaceful but strange types into society secretly.

Bureau 13 knew of galactic life, human telepathy and advanced technology from the 1860s onward, but resolved to keep such matters secret to "prevent public panic".

After the fall of the United states in the late 2060s, the files of the bureau became the property of surviving agents. Public first contact with the Vulcans and other developments had rendered the secrecy part of the mission moot. The Earth Alliance which succeeded the United States as governing authority claimed jurisdiction over former b-13 issues, but aggressive anti-corruption and anti-secrecy practices lead to B-13's secrets become relatively open among Earth's Intelligence agencies from the 2070's onwards.

Notable B-13 Agents Include

  • James West
  • Artimus Gordon
  • Brisco County, Jr
  • "Lord Bowler"
  • Carl Kolchak
  • Vernon Rausch
  • Dale Cooper
  • Fox Mulder
  • Dana Scully

And others...

This is part of The Secret History of Jay-Trek

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