• Created by: Jay P. Hailey
  • Appearance: Epiphany Trek Starbase 600 game
  • Number of Members: 6-8 billion aprox
  • Nature of Members: 1.8 meter felinoid bipeds. They are fur covered and stand digitigrade. hey have five fingers and four toes. Their faces are muzzled with tall pointed ears that have extended whisker-like hairs. (Having these cut is considered dishonoring) They are placenta mammals with the usual two genders and typical humanoid sexual characteristics. The female mammanaries are not large.
  • Organization: Super Tribe
  • Game Role: Former threat and possible threat.
  • World Role: That life thing
  • Relative Influence: Low. they are still a factor in the political and military presence of the Zarian sector.
  • Public or Secret?: Public
  • Publicly Stated Goal: Varies by sub-group. Within the Federation the Bykaler have moved away from dominance and control. Some in the Kogari region have not surrendered the idea that they are fit to rule, and eat, other races.
  • Relative Wealth: Minor. They hold no worlds independently
  • Group advantages:
  • Special Abilities:
  • Group disadvantages:
  • Special disadvantages:
  • Those who favor them:
  • Those opposed to them:
  • Area of Operation: The "Kogari Region"
  • Headquarters Location: Bykaler
  • Public Face: Honorable cat people.
  • Notable Members:
  • History of the Organization: The Bykaler are a race of Cat/Ferret furries. They hold the "honorable warrior" place in the Balmoran Federation.

    the Bykaler were repressed by the Zarians until they exploded into a violent rebellion.

    The Bykaler homeworld, Bykaler , was defeated in the rebellion and absorbed into the Balmoran Federation.

    Haven and the Realm of Ko'ot are homes of non-reconstructed Bykaler, who did not submit to the B-UFP victory, although both are currently cooperative with Zarian descended powers/.

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