Created by: Garry Stahl

Appearance: Contact by the USS Harrier (3) and the USS Abraham Dannon

Number of Members: Trillions.

Nature of Members: There are 47 known sentient races in the Empire. Some of them listed are:

  • Calad - Calais and other worlds - Two meter slender humanoids with an almost fey appurtenance. Skin tones are from light tan to nut brown. They have the usual humanoid gender parts in the usual places. Females are not busty.

    Calad are strong Psionics. Telepathy is universal and they are one of the few strong telekinetics encountered. They have sufficient power to fly.

    Calad abhor violence in every form. bedlam bothers them a little. If not for the sheer joy of the game they could not stand it.

    Since contact with the Ane the Calad have developed a psionic network as much like the All as they can make it. It is a massive effort to keep this network going. However the goal of race wide communications is attractive and they consider it worth the effort.

  • Ane - Accord, Concord, Solace - Ane teleportation is their main stock in trade here. Ane are still Ane. Aneilogs have been appearing on Ane worlds. Much to the surprise of everyone else.
  • Aragron - Orathe and other worlds - A heavyset humanoid with a formerly violent culture, They got adjusted out of the violence. They turned toward sex and lotus eating and at this point have to be pushed to do squat. If not for a robust energy economy and the 30% that do contribute they would die out. Ane point them out as the reason you should not do that.
  • Cordy - Dorgy and other worlds. - Humanoids Human to 8 places with a noted tendency towards dark shin tones. Pale Cordy are notable. They are the physical muscle of the empire, they man the sadly required patrol ships that keep back the violent.
  • Hruu - Twilin and other worlds - Natives of a world about a red dwarf star. Dark gray humanoids a meter tall with large eyes. Placental non-mammals walking on delicate paws. Their skin is scaly and they have no hair. They are noted for no specialty, but as competent generalists. They are also common in the Space service.
  • Nuradon - Gagla - Strange new life. A sentient world wide neural net of individuals that are sessile life forms that physically connect via tendrils that can reach miles in length. They are not psionic. They have no technology.

Organization: Central Empire. The gentle Calad do not conduct an empire so much as a symposium. The Ane are welcome participants in the symphony. While called an Empire it has no single head of state.

  • Calad Council: This is the ruling body of the Empire. They seldom take direct action unless a threat of violence is afoot. They direct the Star Services in the broadest terms.

    The Council consists of the Calad Elders. They are associated by clans. The Council numbers in the thousands and never physically meets. The small steering body in the Capital is to disseminate the decisions of the Calad Council to the non psionic members of the Empire.

  • Imperial Council: The body of the representatives of the various races of the Empire. This is the suggestion making body. Little in the Calad Empire can be called a law save "Do no Harm." They make the framework by which everyone gets along and tweaks it as required, and this is vetted by the Calad Council.

    Members of the Imperial Council are picked as each race or world sees fit. Wisdom in choice is urged.

Tech Level:14 The Calad Empire has Class 10 ships. They are still using DiLithium.

Culture: Culture varies greatly among the members of the Empire. No meta culture is enforced.

Religion: Various races in the Empire still practice religion, but it has no seat at the central table.

Relative Influence: A major empire equal to any second string players and low end fist string. They are the big fish in their pond.

Public or Secret?: Public

Publicly Stated Goal: Live peaceful and fulfilling lives.

Relative Wealth: Dozens of worlds and systems. No one goes hungry. The Empire has a full energy economy.

Group advantages: The universal peace dividend.

Special Abilities:

Group disadvantages:

Those who favor them: So far themselves.

Those opposed to them: Not yet known.

Area of Operation: Centered on -25/-28 a blob 230x120 light years across.

Headquarters Location: Calais -- The Calad home world is the location of the Imperial Council.

Public Face:

Notable Members:

History of the Organization:

Notes: The Calad are aggressively pacifistic, and so are you. Unlike the Ane they are willing to use telepathy to see that you do not harm your neighbor. Unlike the Zhodani Consulate they do not care what you think, as long as you do not act.

The Ane have objected to the use of telepathy to curb the violent. The Calad prefer this to killing the being. The discussion continues.

The Calad Empire is in full contact with the Federation. The first contaxct Star shared between the USS Harrier (3) and the USS Abraham Dannon NCC-79546. Happy discussion is proceeding.

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