AKA The Trek Creative Lexicon

This manual is intended to focus on the special needs of the science fiction workshop, with a special look at the needs of Star Trek fan fiction. Having an accurate and descriptive critical term for a common SF writing issue makes it easier to recognize and discuss. This guide is intended to save workshop participants from having to "reinvent the wheel" (see section 3) at every session. The terms here were generally developed over a period of many years in many workshops. Those identified with a particular writer are acknowledged in brackets at the end of the entry. Particular help for this project was provided by Bruce Sterling and other regulars of the Turkey City Workshop in Austin, Texas. Additional terms by the Trek Creative FIDO echo and internet mailing list.

This is not a list of flaws per say, or things that must, at all costs, be avoided. It is a set of shorthand terms for common complex ideas that repeatedly occur.

Complete Lexicon

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