Centaur Class StarshipEdit

The Centaur is to the Merced as the Miranda was to the Constitution .  Much like the Merced, the Centaur is the Miranda run through an Excelsior filter.  The Centaur class was capable light multirole and patrol ship.  The Centaur class were produced for 30 years, but only a limited number of shipyards made them.  Early on, Miranda class starships were viable, and so large numbers of Centaur class ships were not seen to be necessary. 

Centaur class ships are viewed affectionately by their crews, but a look at the numbers shows that the Centaur is no better or worse than other ships of her class and size. 

Centaur class ships are still seen on patrol in the Federation but are being retired as they are used up and new ships are produced. 


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