Bill Raymond

Bill Raymond as Charles Holly

Dr Charles Holly is a supporting character in the first three epsiodes of Star Trek - Outwardly Mobile

Holly is a mathematical savant. He is also socially maladjusted. He creates the strange mathematics and engineering necessary for the Holly Hop Drive but fails to grasp their full implications politically or cosmically.

Holly begins ST-OM as an insecure man who is desperate to prove his theories and therefore his intellect and himself as valid. This desire for validation has lead Holly into a state of denial about some of the drawbacks about his device.

After the events depicted in The Holly Hop Incident Holly retired to the Vulcan Science Academy, where he pursued theoretical research and dropped all practical applications.

In The Starbase 600 Game Holly once again comes to the fore with a theory that if the Ane disappeared the universe would end. The Speakers of the All which anchored the Ane to the Universe had become an anchor for the universe itself. It is not a theory anyone wishes to test, even if the math works out.

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