Created by: Garry Stahl

Appearance: Starbase 600 game Crystal City 632-667

Number of Members: Some 5 billion

Nature of Members: Chinians -- Humanoids with large faces and no forehead. The brain is behind the face. Nothing is known of biology beyond that.

Organization: Unknown

Government: Other than being Authoritarian and some what draconian, we don't know.

Technology: Tech 13 at least they can build warp systems but currently to our knowledge have none. They do have and use subspace radio and sensors.

Culture: Unknown

Game Role: Yet more life

World Role: That life thing

Relative Influence: None, one world, no starships

Public or Secret?: Public, but private.

Publicly Stated Goal: Survive and Control.

Relative Wealth: One planet

Race Advantages: Unknown

Special Abilities: Unknown

Race disadvantages: Unknown

Special Disadvantages: Unknown

Relations: Standoffish on all counts, they declined contact. "We want to think about it."

Area of Operation: 10.7/-19.5

Headquarters Location: Megacity One

Public Face: They are thinking about it.

Notable Members: Yeager 5 - An FTL probe AI that has joined the Federation. Chinyndia is not of the opinion that AI is people. Yeager has adopted the floating football as its body, it having no real image of itself. It does not crave the sensual.

History of the Race: A planet hit by the Kliges'chee on the verge of warp fight. They armored down and became more a porcupine than the Kliges'chee Fleets wished to deal with. Out of space they where left be.

This it remained until the USS Crystal City encountered Yeager 5 calling of help. The centuries old probe was breaking down and could not get back. The Crystal City took it in.

They then visited the planet indicated to have their probes shot at. When subspace contact was finally made they were told to stand there and be arrested for being on a government only frequency. It took come convincing that the Crystal City was a ship in space.

The Chinians were not at all sure they wanted contact from space. They were given the data from the Yeager 5 probe, and a Federation Public Database to chew on and a frequency to call. No landing or physical contact was made.

At the time of contact the majority of the population was living in armored and heavily armed megacities and the land outside of that still bore the scars of the Kliges'chee bombardment. The government at least is twitchy. They are thinking about it. They will be given their space.