Sector: x-2/y-20

Discovered by the USS Crystal City

A world in a snowball ice age. Life is dying out. Once class M the natives built a time rift to wait out the million year ice age. They are existing in slow time so a minimal wait for them as the ice grids on. Months pass in normal time for each day there.

The people are telepathic Humanoids. None are living outside the time rift.

There is a weather station located on an island near the equator, one they hope will not be overrun as their portal is there as well. Every year or so real time they send a party to collect the weather data as comm lines will not cross the barrier.

Contact was made inside the rift and a (for us) slow motion communication has been instituted.

Renner: Coldan male: An ancient pisonic image from an ancient probe. He was recovered and is retraining. Currently on the USS Crystal City

Hope Probe Ancient microchip era probe launched well before the current conditions. It is in fragile condition. Renner was recovered from it as a mistake in programing the "Hope Crystal"

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