Assult Ship

The Continental class assault ship is an outgrowth of the unused special mission hulls originally built for the Planet class heavy cruiser. One of them was a mobile infantry support ship. It was decided to build additional front ends and commission them permanently as Marine transport vessels. As any versatility went out the door with the specialized transport hull they were considered "less than a planet" hence the continental name. All vessels are named for continental masses. Four are located in the Core Federation four in the Far Sector. There are no plans to expand this number as the class is of limited utility.

The point of an assault ship is to fight its way into a disputed planet that has been invaded. They put boots on the ground in response to that invasion and support those troops with aerospace fighters and from orbit fire. To that end the Continental class is heavy on point defense. They add a nose turret and carry twice the torpedo load of the Planet class ship. Mainly photon torpedoes that are more precise for ground support.

By no means is planetary assault the only task of this class. They are as useful for disaster relief. The mecha she carries were built originally as labor bots and still serve in that function.

Continental class ships take up the "Cruiser Transport" (CT) prefix from the late Euphrates class


  • Kongwe CT-66 -- Built 2390 Hull from the Savanna. 4th Mobile Infantry
  • Africa CT-67 -- Built 2390 Hull from the Terra
  • Issa CT-68 -- Built 2390 Hull from the Andor
  • Kubwa CT-69 -- Built 2390 Hull from the Association
  • Kwanza CT-70 -- Built 2390 Hull from the Glade
  • Na'nam CT-71 -- Built 2390 Hull from the Vulcan
  • Tajiri CT-72 -- Built 2390 Hull from the Veldt
  • Katikati CT-73 -- Built 2390 Hull from the Meadow