An Ane "political body". In truth the first twenty to forty seelas to show up when called, usually fronted by one of the Speakers of the All if available and in all cases the council itself is "in the All". This is as close to an official body of government that the you will ever see out of the Ane.

The idea was fronted by Admiral Jay P. Hailey during the Encarta Exile Crisis. It proved so useful in that circumstance that the All has repeated it when required.

  • From "The Exile 10" -- The door swings ponderously open to reveal a large chamber (Hailey will remember an Ambassador's ball or five being held here) The lighting is subdued except for a low dais at the far end that is well lit. There laying and seated among rich cushions are some 40 Ane and Aneilogs. Falan is in the middle if the group. Many are dripping in jewels groomed till they shine, some look as if they just walked off the plains and a good shake would send dust everywhere. The Aneilogs present have their vests, all in somber colors. At the doors and in several places against the walls are Aneilogs in ADF uniforms, phaser two displayed in holsters. They all have that ears flat back look Hailey would know means someone is going hurt soon. He can tell the entire groups is linked to the All. The sound system is playing a subdued near subsonic rumble.

    Falan (In the All) ** WHO COMES BEFORE US? WE DO NOT KNOW THEM. **

The whole exercise is a piece of theater. Such a body has no more, or less, authority to speak than any other such body. They are pulled together ad hoc from whoever is available and willing. At this point Seela Councils have pulled together in just about every place the Ane interface with outsiders.

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