• Created by:Garry Stahl
  • Appearance: A character in the Starbase 600 game
  • Number of Members: 15 billion, approx.
  • Nature of Members: True black skinned humanoids averaging 5'5" in height They are "very" mammalian, males being muscular well endowed wedges and females curvy and well equipped. Eyes are yellow to gold in color. They wear clothing for modesty and protection. Females have hair on their heads. Males possess a full mane that covers the shoulders as well. Their hair is anything from as black as their skin to sliverly white. The more mature the Cowar the whiter their hair is. Both sexes have a bare face.
  • Organization: Nation states with Klingon overlords.
  • Game Role: Someone for the Federation to angst over.
  • World Role: A Klingon client race.
  • Relative Influence: Minor. Most are not in any position to influence anything. Others have the respect and admiration of their overlords.
  • Public or Secret?: Public within the Empire. Outside of Klingon space few know they exist.
  • Publicly Stated Goal: Serve and obey
  • Relative Wealth: Negligible. Klingons control all wealth.
  • Group advantages: Well placed within the Klingon economy.
  • Special Abilities: Sexually attractive to Klingons
  • Group disadvantages: Semi slaves and actual slaves.
  • Those who favor them: They have the ear of the New Klingons who can see that certain members of the race are indeed worthy to be called Klingon
  • Those opposed to them: The Real Klingons. Slaves should learn their place and say in it.
  • Area of Operation: Their own home world and throughout the Empire.
  • Headquarters Location: Cow 3
  • Public Face: Invisible servants that make things work
  • Notable Members: None
  • History of the Organization: The Cowar were a preindustrial world enjoying an agrarian peaceful existence when the first Klingon warships darkened their sky. Cowar didn't quite know how to fight so the Klingons quickly tired of killing them and set out to control and own their world and the people. The Cower have been hewers of wood and fetchers of water for the Empire since. This has worked into other professions that Klingons don't like doing.

    Cower are sexually attractive to Klingons. Women arouse the men and the men arouse Klingon women. However the two species are not cross fertile. Many Cowar have been sold as sexual slaves throughout the Empire for two centuries. They neither get or cause pregnancy and are acceptable as toys. Sex with a Cowar is not considered infidelity by custom or law.

    At this point Cowar culture is dead. They are thoroughly Klingonized to the point that many consider themselves Klingon, and follow the code of Honor and Way of the Warrior. To New Klingons this is welcome. Those willing to be Klingon are welcomed as such. To Real Klingons it is not funny. They are not Klingons and have no business trying.

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