AKA Fractured Ceramics, AKA crazy people.

The people that claim alien abduction or chase big foot today. What are they doing in the 24th century? This assumes several things.

  • Human nature has not substantially changed., These kind of people still turn up.
  • Non-harmful Pathological lairs and attention whores have not been medicated or breed out of the population.

So, what do they obsess on? Admittedly a full catalog of crazy ideas is not possible. However as 21st century crackpots have some major denominations we can trace similar lines for the 24th.

Suggested so far are:Edit

  • The Secret Masters of: Earth/The Federation/Fill in the blank. -- IE nothing we do is real it is all manipulated from elsewhere. Be they a cabal of chrome domes or YAGLAs This can descend into ancient aliens influencing Earth or other worlds, usually Earth as we are discussing Human crack pots. Of course there is just enough evidence (if you squint just right) that is marginally related to this to keep the idea afloat.

    This school of "thought" lends itself to all kinds of variations. A scholar interested in such a thing could make a career on the variations alone.

  • Nothing is Real -- The entire universe is a holographic simulation in the mind of some powerful or even mundane source (St. Elsewhere syndrome). The issue with these types is some branches of physics have similar ideas. The physics gets twisted or misunderstood enough to support their version. Correcting them is a Sisyphean task.
  • Transporter Zombies -- Everyone that has been through a transporter is a soulless, evil clone of themselves. This dates from the 22nd century and like many such conspiracy theories relies on outdated and disproven information that the unsinkable rubber ducks keep hauling back out like it was fresh.