Acnapma, Crystara Lt.

  • Name: Crystara
  • Race: Efrosian
  • Planet: Efros
  • HT: 5'8"
  • WT: 140#
  • Hair: White
  • Sex: Female
  • Eyes: Ice blue
  • Skin: Dark Blue
  • Date of Birth: 2346
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Position: Chief Science Officer.
  • Current Assignment:

She is a reverse colored Efrosian, a female with male colorings. She found general acceptance in Starfleet and considers the service her home. Carol's character, chief of sciences aboard Deep Space Ten. Later, she joined the Crew of the USS ShiKahr as chief science officer.

Appeared in

Note - Carol Daugherty, the creator of Crystara Acnapma gave me permission to use the character for ST-OM

The Character also appears in Epiphany Trek

Crystara's primary science specialty is bio-science. She is a friend of Li'ira and Tandala MacBier. She enjoys the fact that in cosmopolitan galactic culture she is viewed as an attractive woman.

Mirror Acnapma, CrystaraEdit

Created in a subspace inversion zone (Mirror Universe Event) that crossed the USS Abraham Dannon NCC-79546 when it was investigated an ion storm intersecting the Lavender Nebula, a subspace active nebula 20 light years from Oz. Identical in appearance to lt. Cmd Crystara Acnapma, the CSO of the USS Abraham Dannon. Ms Acnapma-M (she does not acknowledge the "M") was booted from any participation with Starfleet by her slippery relationship with anything regarding ethics. She is currently roving the Green Ghetto of Oz looking for an easy way up and out, or getting herself killed trying. She is identified by self reproducing nanites to prevent her from accessing Starfleet facilities permitted her mirror sister.

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