Danube Class

The Danube Class Runabout is a type of Small, multipurpose light transport ship common in the late 24th and Early 25th centuries.

The Danube class was popular for being versatile, robust and generally easy to deal with. It was not a front line combat unit.

By Metaphor the Danube is a C-130, not an F-16.

The Memory Alpha Article for the Danube Class can be found here.

The Danube class is a modular design. Special Purpose pallets can replace the main crew quarters

Runabout Modular Design

Runabouts are Modular

Runabout forward view

Flight Deck of a Runabout

Danube class, aft section

Crew Deck of a Runabout

List of Danube Class Runabouts in ST-OM:Edit

  • USS Narnia (DS10)
  • USS Oz (DS10)
  • USS Shangri-La (DS10)

The Runabouts of DS10 were named for utopian fictional locations.

  • USS H. Beam Piper (USS Discovery)
  • USS Robert A. Heinlein (USS Discovery)

Shuttles and Runabouts on the USS Discovery were named for Golden Age science fiction authors

List of Danube Class Runabouts in Epiphany TrekEdit


Surely I am not the only one to have noticed the Similarities between the modular Danube class and the Eagle from Space: 1999 ?

The Runabout was designed for DS9, but the only time we ever see the Aft Deck is in one episode of TNG

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