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Fellows of FreedomEdit

  • Race: mainly Zarian, and others
  • Main Alliance: UFP
  • Political View: Anti-slavery
  • Main Contact: "Cory" and the corvette "Freedom"
  • Allies: UFP, Mongo
  • Rivals: Any slave holders
  • Planet: no planet
  • Notes: A small anti-slavery underground in the Kolgari region.


  • Race: Olympians (Ferret/cat furries)
  • Main Alliance: United Federation of Planets
  • Political View: The best gets the gold, but we all win when sportsmanship rules the day
  • Main Contact: Poong's world and Oz
  • Allies: Federation, Former Zantree
  • Rivals: Youn, Klingons, Romulans
  • Planet:
  • Notes: The leaders have gold medals in leadership skills

Free Port of PogueEdit

  • Race: Zarians, Humans, Bykaler, a few others
  • Main Alliance: orions
  • Political View: If you have the cash, we have the vice
  • Main Contact:
  • Allies: Orions
  • Rivals: Everyone in the Kogari Region
  • Planet: Pogue 1
  • Notes: A free port defended by a nebula - disables starships and makes then sitting ducks for pirates


  • Race: Tabooists
  • Main Alliance: Zantree Alliance (former)
  • Political View: Stay away from the Rishan stuff. trust us
  • Main Contact:
  • Allies: Oz (Big time), Former Zantree worlds, the UFP
  • Rivals: Treasure seekers and people who disbelieve ancient warnings
  • Planet:
  • Notes: Uplifted by the Rishans to be guardians of the Rishan left overs. They are the last and saddest Rishan Artifact, so far.

Clan GosinEdit

  • Race: Vargr
  • Main Alliance: None
  • Political View: Protect Clan Gosin
  • Main Contact: Varna, last they were seen
  • Allies: varies
  • Rivals: likewise
  • Planet: None, Free Traders
  • Notes: Contacted by USS Discovery, They traded goods and information.

Mining Guild of PrniqtEdit

  • Race: Zarian Humans, a few others
  • Main Alliance: Kogari - unofficial Alliance
  • Political View: Profit
  • Main Contact:
  • Allies: No Kogari region could afford to have the Porniqt system fall into the others hands
  • Rivals: Everyone
  • Planet: Porniqt system asteroid belt
  • Notes: Obviated by advancing technology - they are finding their habit of slavery increasingly untenable

Delmara HouseEdit

  • Race: Gold Orion
  • Main Alliance: Orion Colonies
  • Political View: Follow the Money
  • Main Contact:
  • Allies: House Auric, they hope
  • Rivals: Other Orion houses
  • Planet: Botchok
  • Notes: Tenth richest house on Botchok


  • Race: Ix!tor (Wasp people)
  • Main Alliance: None
  • Political View: Keep the monkies from exterminating us,and then work on the next thing
  • Main Contact:
  • Allies: Akbara and Pogue, House Davan
  • Rivals: the Kogari powers, the Federation
  • Planet: Ix!tor
  • Notes: Giant wasps - fought a war that nearly turned Genocidal - have presented a well behaved face since then.

Zarians First LeagueEdit

  • Race: Zarian
  • Main Alliance: Balmoran Federation
  • Political View: The former Balmoran Federation should really be about Zarians exclusively
  • Main Contact:
  • Allies: Balmoria - Former Political Flunkies of fallen B-UFP leaders Few - sponsors some pirate clans
  • Rivals: Bykaler - STB-600 - Zarians who enjoy being part of something bigger
  • Planet:
  • Notes: Seeks to return to the "Good Old Days" when the B-UFP was a Zarian centric evil empire

House HamilcarEdit

  • Race: Orions, Klingons, handfuls of others
  • Main Alliance: Orions
  • Political View: Nothin' Personal - it's all about the Latinum
  • Main Contact:
  • Allies: The Orions, Several corrupt Klingon houses
  • Rivals: Uncorrupted Klingon Houses - Lawful types
  • Planet:
  • Notes: Fills the role of the Black Market/Mafia in large parts of the Klingon Empire.

Free Republic of ZolanEdit

  • Race: Zarians
  • Main Alliance: Kogari
  • Political View: Democracy was wonderful who rules now?
  • Main Contact:
  • Allies:
  • Rivals:
  • Planet:
  • Notes: Originally proof that a representative democracy could be just as cruel as a monarchy - Now proof that the Zhodani cannot be trusted.

House DavanEdit

  • Race: Orions, Klingons, handfuls of others
  • Main Alliance: Orions
  • Political View: Give me the loot an no-one gets hurts
  • Main Contact:
  • Allies: Orions Corrupt Klingon Houses - The Youn
  • Rivals: Lawful Klingon Houses and others
  • Planet:
  • Notes: Poor cousin of House Hamilcar, liable to be stupider/more violent to gain foot hold in "Far Sector"


  • Race: Kee, onorbound Lizard Humanoids
  • Main Alliance: United Federation of Planets
  • Political View: Uphold the Agreement in all specifications
  • Main Contact: Poong's world and Oz
  • Allies: UFP
  • Rivals: Youn, Klingons, Romulans.
  • Planet:
  • Notes: The stickiest of the Zantree to be inducted into the UFP - they were convinced by Vulcan diplomats


  • Race:
  • Main Alliance:
  • Political View:
  • Main Contact:
  • Allies:
  • Rivals:
  • Planet:
  • Notes:

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