Deep Space Ten

Deep Space Ten is a Federation Space Station along the frontier.

This station is near The Bendarri Empire and As'taan Border.

This station is the setting for episodes of ST-OM.

It was originally created by Kitty Howard, who GM'ed a handful of scenarios there.


ST-OM episodes set at the station


Command Staff 2371

  • CO Li'ira
  • XO Jonathn Baker
  • OPS Tandala McBier
  • SEC Garan Draxil
  • CENG Byrdy
  • CMO Taucia Smith
  • CSc Crystara Acnapma
  • Sec Spc Fen Moirna

command staff 2372

  • CO Captain Vridia
  • XO Jonathn Baker
  • OPS Tiktik
  • SEC Fen Moirna
  • CENG
  • CMO Taucia Smith
  • CSc
  • Other


Starships associated with the station


Profile Deep Space Ten

Group Name: Federation Space Station Deep Space Ten.

Created by: Kitty howard and Jay P Hailey

Appearance: Kitty's 1995 Star Trek Game - ST-OM 18

Number of Members: 250 plus visitors

Nature of Members: Starfleet officers and civilian contractors serving on the Space station.

Organization: Military (Starfleet)

Game Role: A home base for Player Characters

World Role: A Federation Starbase on the frontier of known space.

Relative Influence: Large - the actions of Deep Space Ten personnel affect the development of the whole region.

Public or Secret? Public.

Publicly Stated Goal: To serve Federation intrests and civilians

Relative Wealth: Compared to an Individual, large. DS10 has a budget to starships.

Group advantages: Legal enforcement powers. Heavily armed. High technology and high competence.

Special Abilities: Can call on the rest of Starfleet for back up.

Group disadvantages: Generic Enemies of Starfleet and the Federation. Duty to defend civilians from all threats and disasters.

Special disadvantages: Some folks react harshly to Starfleet on general Principle.

Those who favor them: Civilians, merchants, people who like a peaceful existence.

Those opposed to them: Pirates, Romulans, Cardassians, As'Taan and other hostile types.

Area of Operation: The Bendarri sector, near the As'Tann border.

Public Face: Strong jawed space explorers and earnest defenders of the good.

History of the Organization: 2370 - The Federation places a deep space station at planet Korrin along the Bendarri Border

2371 - Li'ira takes command of DS10

2372 - Li'ira suceeded by Captain Vridia

Fate of the Organization: Deep Space Ten is still in operation.

Ship Name: Deep Space Ten

Brief description of ship: A Central Body with three arms

Fleet role: Fleet Support

Age: 1 year

Built: 2370

Dimensions Diameter: 815 m Height: 200 m Decks: 50

Distinguishing Marks (Odd paint job, repair scars etc.): Brand spanking new and fresh.

Equipment Quirks and Problems: None.

Equipment Advantages: A freshly built space station with the most advanced sensors, computers, weapons and shields available

Shuttles, number, any odd ones? At least 4 runabouts ad full slection of shuttles, plus various ships and shuttles passing through and aquired.

Notable Previous Crew: Jon Baker - interim Commander while the Station was towed and set. He becomes XO to two Captains.

Primary Power: Deep Space Ten uses huge impulse fusion reactors to provide power for ship operations.

Secondary Power: DS10 uses smaller Impulse reactors for auxiliary power.

Primary Weapons: DS10 is equipped with three photon torpeo launchers that can each fre ten torpedoesper salvo.

Secondary Weapons: DS10 is equipped with collimated Type 10 Phasers that cover all angles.

Service History: A new space station. DS10 was assembled and towed into position. It has been operating ever since. The station severely damaged during a Thasite raid and occupation., but repairs were successful and the station returned to full operation

- Crew: 250 + Visitors

The Enterprise-D ScaleEdit

On a scale of 1 - 1000 where 1000 is The Enterprise-D

  • Science capacity - 750
  • Crew Comfort - 1200
  • Duration - 5000
  • Medical facilities - 1000
  • Tactical maneuvering - 0
  • Strategic Speed - 0
  • Defense - 1125
  • Offense - 1250
  • Versatility - 850
  • Internal Security - 1000


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