Deep Space Thirteen is a Federation deep space station along the frontier. It is dug into a small rocky moon. It has extensive facilities for civilian commerce as well as supporting Starfleet operations in the area.

Deep Space Thirteen often confronts the Zsistow, a violent offshoot of the Felinoids.


Characters from the DS-13 arc go here.


Starships mentioned in the DS-13 arc go here


Stories from the DS-13 arc go here.


Deep Space Thirteen was part of a shared Universe writing group called "Star Trek Engage". I wrote two stories for that project in the summer of 2001, before utter lack of interest by the other players drove me away.

Years later, in 2008, one of the Engage players, April Smith e-mailed me. She had forgotten that she'd given me permission to use one of her characters, and was quite harsh about my posting "Black and White Issues" on |my web site, so I systematically scraped out all non-jay characters and replaced them with my own.

I doubt I'll revisit the setting - All of my characters from DS-13 have been transferred to the USS Cincinnatus.

But if I need the place for an RPG or a stop-by in a story, here it is.

Jayphailey 09:28, December 22, 2009 (UTC)

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