Dennis 10-2007

Dennis, taken by Surprise in 2007

Dennis Washburn Edit

Dennis Washburn is a Musician in Spokane, WA

Dennis and Jay P Hailey have known each other since 1981. Dennis is the Co-creator of Star Trek Outwardly Mobile. Dennis Game Mastered the game between 1992 and 1996.

Dennis and Jay have been Sci-Fi and Fantasy nerds since their first meeting. Their first conversation was a discussion of AD&D 1st edition

Dennis is still engaged in ST-OM adding critical plot points as of November 2008.

Dennis is married and has a daughter named Samantha. Any further details are excluded to protect privacy.

Dennis and Jay are fast friends.

Dennis Washburn (ST-OM) Edit

The Character of Dennis Washburn in ST-OM is entirely the creation of Jay P Hailey. This Dennis Washburn is seen as an older brother figure who neglected\prevented Jay P Hailey (ST-OM) from riding his coat tails to success. This depicts an emotional speculation and in no way reflects reality.

Dennis Washburn (ST-OM) appears in ST-OM 24: Cardassian Incident 3103-A - Although Dennis created the plot and most of the events of this story, the encounter between the fictional Jay and Dennis is entirely Jay's invention.

Dennis Washburn (ST-OM) Also appears in ST-OM 42: The Next Step - Two ironies are found here. One - The plot and incidents of this story are solely the creation of Jay. Dennis Neither GMed nor created any of it. Two - Desmond Patrick, Washburns XO on the USS Sutherland is, in fact another self insertion character - Had Jay renamed the fictional Jay P Hailey, that would have been the name.

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