Created by: Garry Stahl

Appearance: The Eagle's Spawn

Number of Members: Estimated 5 billion

Nature of Members: A reptiliod species that is known for being hot under the collar. They are more likely to shoot first, and try and sort things out of the ruins than talk.

Drahl are egg layers with the females being twice the size of the males. Apparently about twice as smart as well. What few male Drahl that have been encountered off of the homeworld have been described as barely trainable to not making messes in the house. Female Drahl make every effort to see that doesn't happen. Males getting off planet that is.

Government: Matriarchal Hierarchy

Culture: Female dominated. Males are little outside of sperm providers. Drahl have only one class of personal pronoun, males are refereed to as objects. Law and custom treats then as property.

Relative Influence: Minor.

Public or Secret?: Way too public

Publicly Stated Goal: SILENCE! I Kill you....

Relative Wealth: Minor, one planetary system.

Group advantages:

Special Abilities:

Group disadvantages:

Special disadvantages:

Those who favor them: Themselves, for them that is enough.

Those opposed to them: Pretty much anyone else.

Area of Operation: The Federation Core area.

Headquarters Location: Darhlac

Public Face: Angry lizard women.

History of the Organization: The Darhl evolved on a world with two nascent sentient species. One was strong, quick,and deadly. The other was the Darhl. What the Darhl had was wit and aggressive will. Their stronger foe reeled back from the Darhl's in your face, underhanded aggressive style. When the wars of dominance were over the Darhl were the victors. With this pattern established early the Darhl have approached every first contact since as a battle, and until they met the Federation, it worked for them.

The Federation First Contact was a total disaster for both sides. The Federation came in peace. The Darhl sent them home in pieces. This led to a Federation blockade and 5 years of Darhl ships smashing themselves against the Federation containment forces. At last the Darhl ran out of spite, ships, or both, and asked for the first time what someone wanted. The Federation laid it down. "Be nice or you can't play. You may have what ever culture you want, but you cannot impose it." The Darhl agreed, at least long enough for the Federation to leave.

The Darhl joined The League of Unaligned Worlds shortly thereafter. They are violently opposed to the Federation and seek to thwart it at every turn. Sociologists have noted an unhealthy dependance on the Federation to oppose. All Starfleet Captains are criminals, all crew pirates. While the Darhl will trade with nearly anyone, you best trade with your weapons drawn.

The Starfleet rules of engagement were created at the end of that blockade. "The Darhl must shoot first." Once that happens, all the gloves are off."


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