Eagleray 2407
Eagleray class light Frigate (FF) 2408 to Present

The Eagleray is an upgrade and development of the Stingray class frigates. While the Advantage class is a formidable ship it is not a cheap ship and a smaller lighter frigate has proven useful. With the Stingray class moving into the category of "venerable" a modernized and updated version of the class was desired. The Eagleray slots into the space covered by the Stingray, the light frigate. It will replace them as they become unfit for service.

The Eaglerays pack three of the octoclops turrets identical to the Stingray. They are also equipped with collimator phaser strips and ionic distuptors.

Eaglerays are built from the start as frigates and have minimal science capacity. This leaves more room for crew comfort.


Block One Eaglerays: DiSodium HE warp drives.

  • Eagleray FF-146 -- Built 2408
  • Toto FF-147 -- Built 2408
  • Sable FF-148 -- Built 2408
  • Scimitar FF-149 -- Built 2408
  • Longbow FF-149 -- Built 2408
  • Trillpa FF-150 -- Built 2408
  • Opal FF-151 -- Built 2408
  • Dagger FF-152 -- Built 2408
  • Topaz FF-153 -- Built 2408

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