Sector: x-3/y-20

Discovered by the USS Crystal City

The people are Humanoids that call themselves Scendere

A world in crisis. A super gas giant is slowly plowing its way through their system. They have drooped everything to use early warp technology to escape their doomed planet. Doomsday in 500 years.

Every effort has been put into mining out the planet for the resources to built huge low warp arks. "The Emergency" as it was called was run by a total dictatorship. A permanent state of martial law.

Contact was made With the offer of help for their problem. The Builder have contracted to stabilize the orbit of the gas giant and help repair the ruined ecology of their world.

Darg Tiran" A title rather than a name. This person heads the government. the current occupant of the chair is an overstressed pragmatist that just wants people to live.

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