This design is sometimes called the "token failure". With a mass at 70% of the Unity class and only 60% of the power plant, it was not the fast escort and light frigate envisioned. Only six were built, and after the first three were destroyed in run-ins with Orions in "Botock's Little War" the rest were relegated to in system defense until decommissioned. The idea of the light patrol ship was abandoned by the Ane.

Emerald class ships were never refitted or upgraded during their service life. After "Botock's Little War", the three remaining Emerald class ship were relegated to patrol duty in the three major Ane star systems. But the end of their service life all three ships were totally automated.


  • Emerald FF-01 Built 2266 -- Destroyed 2270 in Botock's Little War
  • Diamate FF-02 Built 2266 -- Decommissioned and scrapped in 2310
  • Jade FF-03 Built 2266 -- Destroyed 2272 in Botock's Little War
  • Jasper FF-04 Built 2268 -- Destroyed 2271 in Botock's Little War
  • Sapphire FF-05 Built 2268 -- Decommissioned and scrapped in 2310
  • Topaz FF-96 Built 2268 -- Decommissioned and scrapped in 2310

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