Created by: Garry Stahl

Appearance: Starbase 600 game

Number of Members: Unknown, if any. Machines could be doing all of it.

Nature of Members: Medical machines, and a few face Encarta.

Organization: Good question.

Game Role: A provider of desperately sought services.

World Role: Make rich old people poorer young people.

Relative Influence: Minor, unless you are old and very rich.

Public or Secret?: Public, you can't get paying customers if you are private.

Publicly Stated Goal: Make you young again, for a price.

Relative Wealth: They rake in a lot.

Group advantages: Insanely advanced medical science.

Group disadvantages: Fragile circumstances.

Those who favor them: Rich old people wishing to not be old.

Those opposed to them: The Federation Medical Association opposes the practice on an ethical basis.

Area of Operation: The Far Sector mainly. One can come from anywhere

Headquarters Location: Encarta

Public Face: Be Young again, we can do it.

Notable Members: Keeray Encarta androgynous looking and sexless. Keeray is the Encarta representative and pusher on Renaissance Station. "He" advertises the super tech Encarta medical life enhancement and prolongation treatments.

History of the Organization: Shortly after realizing that the threats were gone and that warp drive civilizations existed again the Encarta dusted off their shingle of advanced medical technology and set up shop.

The advertized deal is they make the old young again using very propitiatory methods. Those that have spent the breathtakingly huge fortune it requires have reported excellent results. They are not entirely shore how it was done, but they are young and vibrant again.

The Federation Medical Association has objected to the practice as ethically questionably. Mainly on the basis of they don't know what the Encarta are doing. Second it feels oogie and unfair to cheat the reaper that way.

That said the Encarta care exactly nothing as to the opinion of the FMA. They do not even dane to answer the questions. They are mainly working out of Oz Renaissance Station and the Ane have refused to stop them. **Your money, your body, your business.** is the only reply the bleeding hearts get. Old people board the ship, and a few weeks later young people come back.

There are hints that more than that is available. However the Encarta have not advertised and if anyone has looked into Augment treatments they have not spilled the beans.

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